Yeah, so my blog pic on the left is me the few times I actually wear make-up and attempt to do my hair. But since this is the "About" page, I thought I would be honest about who I really am. The real me is on the right. 
That's my favorite chair; those are my favorite grey sweatpants; that’s a ponytail holding back my unwashed hair; and that's my 7-year-old laptop (70 years old in tech years). Most days I'm in a t-shirt and comfy sweats. Maybe that's because I'm a girl that is still just trying to be comfortable in her own skin and trying to help other people feel comfortable in theirs. (Or I'm just lazy.)

For a while I did this thing called the RevolveTour where I got to teach teen girls about the love of Jesus and write some books for them. These days I still write (from my green comfy chair) but do less speaking. I do other stuff too – like brush my teeth, make tuna sandwiches and watch Food Network.

(Pictures on the left) I live in Texas with my husband. His name is Brett. But I only call him by that name when I'm mad at him. Most days it's "B.” He makes me laugh, writes me love notes, always washes the dishes and is a college student minister at a church. So my pantry is loaded with styrofoam cups, my carpet is stained and toilet paper rolls are constantly empty. But we love ministry. (Even the carpet stains.)

(Pictures on the right) I've got a dad and mom, Max and Denalyn, as well as two younger sisters, Andrea and Sara. Five years ago I got two brother-in-laws, Lance and Reid and another set of parents, Margaret, my mother-in-law and Wes, my late father-in-law. Love them all to pieces.

I really just wanted a place to share what I'm learning in life and learn from you. I realize that's kind of a broad description. But when I sit down with a friend over coffee I don't contain the conversation to a certain subject or specific niche. And that's how I see this blog. Just a friendly and comfortable conversation. Sharing struggles, stories, lessons we learn and maybe a joke or two along the way. 

(Photo cred to Chris Butler and Kristin LePage)